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Find People

No Trace No Fee


Reports on Individuals

Background / Due Diligence

Pre-Sue / Asset Checks


Locate People

Using a wide range of Databases at our disposal, we can trace people quickly and at a cost which is not prohibitive.

We even offer a No Trace No Fee service, which saves you money and makes our service financially risk free*.

Reports on Individuals

We can produce a variety of compliant and discreet reports which leave no footprint on Individuals credit files.

Our reports are excellent value for money and provide a good level of due diligence on your subject which are ideal for Background and/or Asset checks, Tenant checks, “If Worth suing” reports and/or Identity Verifications.

Reports on Companies

Whether the company is incorporated (registered at Companies House) or Unincorporated (i.e Sole Trader, Partnership etc), we can find information.

We compile this into easy to read reports that can help you make better decisions.