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Trace Enquiries

When you need to locate someone quickly and compliantly

Electronic (Desktop) Trace Most Popular

An Electronic (Desktop) Trace means that we utilised consented data to trace the person you are looking for. We have access to many different data sources, which allows us to find, cross reference and verify new addresses for people. We can provide these reports quickly, by email, allowing you to reconnect in no time at all.

Our Electronic searches are low cost but that does not detract from their value.

Electronic searches also benefit from our No Trace No Fee and Money Back Guarantee Policies.

Enhanced (Agent) Trace

An Enhanced (Agent) Trace means that we send one of our Professional Investigators into the field to find the person you are seeking.

They make local, discreet enquiries and they can get results in some of the most challenging cases, where electronic records may not reveal or verify an address.

It is challenging work, and a report may take a couple of weeks, or longer to get back to you.

Because of this, our No Trace No Fee and Money Back Guarantee policies DO NOT apply.